Developing Research Talent

The University of Edinburgh has supported a major investment in developing research talent through two main routes, the Edinburgh Career Development Scheme and Chancellor’s Fellowships.

The Edinburgh Career Development Scheme (ECDS)

The Edinburgh Career Development Scheme (ECDS) is a large scale investment by the University to develop and support early career researchers to overcome structural barriers to career advancement. The programme aims to address under-representation of minority groups in research and innovation, provide targeted and supported opportunities for under-represented groups and to address particular challenges of precarity in the immediate years following a PhD.  

Edinburgh Career Development Scheme 

Chancellor’s Fellows

These are five year tenure-track fellowships.

Please see the College pages linked below for more information:  

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine - Edinburgh Scientific Academic Track (ESAT)

College of Science and Engineering

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Central University Training and Support for Chancellor's Fellows

Chancellor's Fellows Support

Past Chancellor's Fellows Events are below, and new events will be added to the page when available:

Welcome Event

This will allow the opportunity to meet other new Chancellor’s Fellows from across the institution and hear about central level training and development opportunities that will be running. 

25th June 2024 (an invite has been sent out to Chancellor's Fellows who have started in 2024)

Chancellor's Fellows Networking Event (In Person)

An opportunity to have an informal catch-up over tea/coffee, with other Chancellor's Fellows

Working with the University Media Team (Online)

Edd McCracken, Head of Research Communications, will host a one-hour online session on how to engage the media in your research and expertise. He will talk about the support available from within the University, go into best practice tips for working with the press office and journalists, and share examples of when good communications boosted the impact of the University’s research.

Research Leader Programme (In Person)

An opportunity for Chancellor’s Fellows to reflect on leadership requirements within their fellowships – both in terms of leading teams and collaborations – to support the fellows lead projects more effectively, develop their leadership skills, and think about how to strategically make best use of their fellowships. 

Planning and Preparing Research Funding Proposals (In Person)

Get your hands dirty planning and discussing your research funding proposal and start writing a structured project plan. There will be a pre-workshop task to facilitate group discussions and feedback during the workshop. 

Support for preparing fellowship applications 

Fellowship Guide