Working with Partners

This page provides links to training and resources to help you expand your partnerships, and resources to help you work with partners outside the University.

Networking & Developing Partnerships

Your research project may already have a network of collaborators and partners, or you may need to build or expand this network during your research.  Below are some resources that may be helpful in developing your networks, in addition to connections suggested by your line manager or peers.

Support & Advice

Engagement & Impact | Edinburgh Research Office

Edinburgh Innovations

Resources & Training

Research Collaborations - A guide for early career researchers [PDF]

Networking for Researchers - A Strategic Approach

Research Networks

Interdisciplinary Research [SharePoint, your University Login required]

Material or Data Transfer to Partners or Collaborators

Before you send (physically or electronically) any data to new or existing research partners or collaborators outside of University of Edinburgh, please make sure you are aware of any existing limitations on sharing this information or material.  If your research project has a collaboration agreement, that agreement should specify the terms of material or data transfers between partners.  If the data is personal data, there are other considerations regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The requirements above are separate to whether you would want to share information that could be protected as potential intellectual property for a future patent.

Research & Data Protection

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Training

Intellectual Property

Edinburgh Innovations can help you understand your current or potential intellectual property and can support you to engage with new or existing partners while preserving your IP for future translation opportunities.   Please be aware that disclosing know how or technical detail to individuals outside the University will prevent you from patenting your IP in the future.  Disclosure could be in a journal article, conferences poster or presentation, or in discussion with partners.

Inventions & Intellectual Property

IP Training Resources