University Services

Overview of non-academic University departments and the services they provide.

University Department Description of service provided
Edinburgh Research Office

Your School or Institute will have a dedicated Edinburgh Research Office liaison team to support you in accessing these services, ERO staff may also be working with your local research support team within your School or Institute.

Edinburgh Innovations

Your School or Institute will have a dedicated Edinburgh Innovations liaison person to support you in accessing these services.


You will engage with Finance services through your local Finance team member in your School or Institute.

  • Provision of professional advice and direction
  • Delivery of management reporting that enables senior and local managers to effectively manage their activities
  • Statutory financial and fiscal reporting
  • Processing transactions related to income, expenditure, capital projects and financing
Health & Safety

You will usually engage with Health & Saftey department services through your local H&S representative in your School or Institute.

  • Provision of professional advice, direction, training and audit
  • Statutory recording and reporting, monitoring of workplaces, and accident and incident reporting
  • Setting University H&S policy through the Health & Safety Committee
Human Resources

You will engage with HR services through your local HR team member in your School or Institute.

  • Provide advice and guidance to managers to help them carry out their management roles effectively
  • Provide advice and guidance to staff on employment policies and processes
  • Work in partnership with our recognised Trade Unions
  • Maintain and manage systems and processes that support the employee lifecycle
  • Ensure compliance with employment legislation and statutory reporting obligations

Talent and Development are part of HR and provide training and development resources to staff in areas such as Leadership, Management and Mentoring.

Information Services

Information Services comprises nine distinct directorates with over 700 staff supporting the University's students, academics, researchers and colleagues, as well as members of the public. IS supply IT infrastructure and services, information security, library services, museums and collections, learning and teaching technologies & services, digital skills training support, web services, hardware and software management and remote learning capabilities.

Digital Research Services are part of IS and can provide tailored advice, guidance and training for all things digital research (computational methods, digital tools or large datasets), for every stage of the research lifecycle.

Institute for Academic Development

IAD provides University level support for teaching, learning and researcher development; through a mixture of direct support for students and staff (e.g. workshops, online resources, networks and advice) alongside support for curriculum innovation and enhancement.

  • Provision of study skills support for students (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Career and skills development for researchers (postgraduate to Professor)
  • Support for teaching (from tutors to Professors)