Concordat Best Practice - Submission Page

A space to contribute examples of projects/initiatives related to the Concordat, at the University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh’s Concordat action plan ensures a broad level of institutional engagement.  We see it as a driver for change internally, a process to highlight the University commitment and progress with the Concordat and a way to support College/School and Professional Services initiatives related to Research Staff support.  Reporting on progress requires a collective effort, ensuring we are capturing what is happening at local levels.  However, we also want to ensure that work is celebrated, innovative and creative projects captured, and practice sharing possible. 

Concordat Best Practice Webpage

The aim of the Concordat Best Practice webpage is to allow colleagues to provide examples of projects / initiatives from their area related to the Concordat, highlighting the support in place for research staff across the University. 

We see collegiality as a key aspect of the Concordat at Edinburgh, supporting colleagues who have a shared responsibility and interest in ongoing support of research staff careers. 

The webpage will allow us as an institution to communicate and promote the work that we do.  To practice share, inspire, support and encourage the re-use of initiatives and activities, and develop an online space for University of Edinburgh staff involved in the Concordat to view.  We welcome contributions from researchers, managers of researchers and any member of staff who supports researchers as part of their role.

Concordat Best Practice Webpage 

Submitting to the Concordat Best Practice webpage

If you want to submit an example of a Concordat initiative, please complete the short Microsoft Form:

Concordat Best Practice Form  [Your university login is required]


  • Provide as much details as you think is useful, but try and be concise. 
  • Please be clear which Concordat theme(s) your initiative supports
  • Provide links to any relevant webpages, SharePoint sites or social media feeds
  • Please ensure you explain any acronyms in your submission

Further Information:

  • Concordat Themes include; Employment, Environment & Culture, and Professional and Career Development
  • Your submission will be open access, as the information will be uploaded to the Research Staff Hub, which is an external facing website. 

The content of your submission will be reviewed by the Researcher Development Team in the IAD, before publishing.


Concordat Best Practice Webpage 

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