Guide for running Concordat events

A guide for leading a session on the Concordat in Schools/Colleges, and as part of research staff society plans.

A PDF guide for research staff societies interested in running a Concordat focussed event.  The guide will also be useful for staff in Schools/Colleges who support implementation of the Concordat.  Developed by the Institute for Academic Development, it covers the following:

  • Information and advice for organising and managing a Concordat event
  • Example event structure 
  • Example timings for full, half day and lunchtime events
  • Discussion points around Concordat principles

The aim of the guide is to provide a structure and outline of a session that could be run at a School/College level to raise awareness of the Concordat, its progress at Edinburgh and to identify what is happening, or could happen, at local levels to support its implementation.

Concordat Session Guide [307 KB PDF]