If things go wrong

Resources, advice and policies related to situations where something isn't working in your professional relationships or something specific has happened that has caused you concern or distress. This could include bullying, harassment, discrimination, research misconduct, accidents, underperformance and whistleblowing.

Bullying & Harassment

The University has a zero tolerance stance towards any form of bullying and harassment.  The Respect at Edinburgh web hub has been created to bring together information and guidance on the Dignity & Respect policy, the processes for raising and addressing concerns, and the support and training available.  Respect at Edinburgh can also link you to confidential advice to help you talk through your circumstances and assess how to proceed in the University processes.  You will be allocated an advisor from a different part of the University than you are employed in.

Respect at Edinburgh

Grievance Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Research Integrity & Misconduct

You are expected to undertake research in such a way that allows others to have confidence and trust in the methods and findings of the research.  This responsibility relates both to the methodological integrity of conducted research and to the professional integrity of the individuals undertaking the research.  The links below provide information on policies, codes of practice, training and routes to report concerns around research integrity and research misconduct. 

Research Integrity

Your responsibilities as a researcher

Research Misconduct

Accident or Incident Reporting

The University uses an online system, called 'Accidents and Incidents Reporting' (AIR) to manage our accident, incident and near miss records.

Accident or Incident Reporting

Accident or incident reporting system [Your University Login required]

Genetic modification accidents or incidents

Sharps, glass and splashes from substances

Health & Wellbeing

While working in a university can be full of exciting opportunities, it can also be overwhelming. At these links you can find information on a range of services provided by the University and throughout Edinburgh to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health

Help in a crisis

If you are not performing to the standard expected of your role

The University is committed to a culture of high performance and to supporting staff to meet the standards expected of them.  If you are not performing to the standard expected of your role your manager may decide to initiate a capability management process.  This process aims to ensure you are treated fairly and consistently and given timely and appropriate support to help you achieve these standards.

Managing Capability

UCU | University & College Union

UCU are the largest community of academic professionals in the UK, a vibrant democratic community aiming to improve the working lives of University and College staff.  UCU participate in the negotiation of your pay and conditions, lobby to improve the status of higher education staff and can provide representation if you have a problem at work.

University & College Union [external link]

UCU Edinburgh [external link]

UCU Edinburgh Postgrad & Postdoc Network [external link]

Acas | Advisory, Conciliation & Arbitration Service

Acas gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. They also offer training and help to resolve disputes.

Acas [external link]

Citizens Advice Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland, their 60 member bureaux and their consumer helpline together form Scotland’s largest independent advice network.  They help more than 300,000 people solve their problems each year in communities everywhere from city centres to the Highlands and Islands.

Citizens Advice Scotland [external link]


If your concern does not fit into any of the categories above, or you would like to raise the concern centrally under the public interest disclosure legislation you can report misconduct or malpractice through the Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing (762.43 KB PDF)