Toolkits & Resources

Online toolkits and resources covering common aspects of management, for you to engage with at your own pace.

HR Guidance for Managers

Information and guidance helping you support your new start, includes checklist and on-boarding/induction plans

HR Guidance for Managers

Code of Practice for the Management and Career Development of Research Staff

The Code of Practice for the Management and Career Development of Research Staff, and links to the processes and policies it outlines.

Code of Practice for the Management and Career Development of Research Staff

Principal Investigator Career Conversations

The IAD's Career Resources includes an infographic with information to support Principal Investigators/Managers of Researchers to have career conversations with their Research Staff, including what is expected and not expected, resources and example questions for those conversations

Principal Investigator Career Conversations 


Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, experienced in working with institutions as they strive for research excellence, innovation and impact.  Vitae provide information to both researchers and their managers to support professional development at all career stages.

Supporting, Supervising and Managing Researchers

Setting Expectations for Research Teams

CRediT - Contributor Roles Taxonomy

CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) is high-level taxonomy, including 14 roles, that you can use to consider and represent the contributions your team, in the widest sense, played in the creation of  scholarly output. The roles describe each contributor’s specific contribution to the scholarly output and the taxonomy is widely recognised.

CRediT - Contributor Roles Taxonomy

The Online Development Toolkit

This Online Development Toolkit contains generic, externally developed resources which provide useful people management tools and materials which you may find helpful. If you are using these resources you must always be mindful that adherence to the University's policies is essential and that the University's policies, guidelines and procedures should be considered in the first instance.

The Online Development Toolkit

Maternity Leave Toolkit

This maternity leave toolkit provides information and guidance to staff and managers on the maternity leave process, before, during and after maternity leave.

Maternity leave toolkit

Leadership in Research Resources

Information on Institute for Academic Development workshops, leadership support and resources from HR, the Research Leader programme and the Scottish Crucible programme.

Leadership in Research

Aspects of Management | Toolkits


Struggle to let go of work? These resources have been curated to help you find the best ways to empower your team and free your time up to work on the important stuff.

Toolkit - Delegation (79.59 KB PDF)

Developing your Team

Getting the most out of your team and setting them up for success is a key part of being a manager.  Here are some resources to help you to support your team to get the most out of their career.

Toolkit - Developing Your Team (79.25 KB PDF)

Difficult Conversations

The most important conversations are sometimes the ones that we put off the most.  These resources will help you feel more prepared to tackle the conversations that you might be feeling intimidated by.

Toolkit - Difficult Conversations (86.18 KB PDF)

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Great feedback leaves people clear about what they should keep doing or do differently in the future.  These resources will help make sure your feedback is always as effective as possible.

Toolkit - Giving and Receiving Feedback (95.93 KB PDF)

Managing Teams Remotely

Our ways of working will change dramatically for many of us over the coming months.  Here is some guidance, hints and tips for supporting your team to work remotely. 

Toolkit - Managing Remotely (113.89 KB PDF)

Setting Effective Objectives

Having clearly defined and measurable objectives and goals can be a real motivator.  These resources will help you to support your team to focus on what’s important to them and their role.

Toolkit - Setting Effective Objectives (703.66 KB PDF)