Recording your Development

Recording development and learning experiences

The University's People and Money system allows staff to record learning experiences and update and review skills and qualifications.  User guides, with further information, are available under the topic heading Learning, Skills and Qualifications

People and Money User Guides

Below is a quick summary of how to log learning:

How to record External Learning experience:

  1. From the Home page select Me, then click Learning
  2. Select What to learn or View Transcript - From the Actions button select the option Record External Learning Experience 
  3. Complete the fields within the Learning Item Details Section
  4. Complete the Learning Record Details (including hours) and Related Materials sections
  5. Press Submit 

How to record Skills & Qualifications (licenses, certifications, registrations, competencies, special projects, etc.):

  1. Navigate to Me, then click Skills and Qualifications
  2. Then click on Skills and Qualifications icon
  3. Click Edit or Add in the section where updates are required
  4. For Licences, Certifications and Registrations - Essential for current role where approval is required by line manager: Only click Submit after you have added all the options you need
  5. Click Edit at the Attachment section to upload documents 

Anything added to Learning will not show up on Skills & Qualifications, and vice versa.  Skills & Qualifications do not show up on one's official "transcript" on P&M.

In addition to recording your development it's also something staff should discuss during their annual review

Annual Review Guidance for Researchers