Careers in Data Science and IT Consultancy Online Panel Event

Learn how to make the leap from academia to industry from 3 people who have successfully changed their careers. For anyone interested in careers in data science, IT consultancy, research beyond academia, working the private sector, IT, health care, and pharmaceutical industries.

Dr Helen Giles, Data Science Consultant, auticon (an IT consultancy)

Dr Paul Agapow, Director in the Statistics & Data Science Innovation Hub, GSK (pharmaceutical company)

Dr Joanne Kenney, Senior Clinical Scientist, ieso Group (online mental health solutions)

This online event will take place on Tuesday February, 27th, 2024 at 17.30-18.30.

The event will begin with each of the panellist giving a 10-minute overview of their career histories, how they managed their careers, and insight into their current roles involving data science. This will be followed by an open Q & A segment.

The careers panel session and following Q & A segment is a great opportunity to learn more about career transitions – what motivates people to change career directions? What are effective strategies for making a change? What were the obstacles? What is the panel’s advice for overcoming obstacles? – as well as ask the questions that matter most to you. 

It’s also a great way to gain insight into the varied world of careers in ‘data science’ – as you can see, our panellists all work for very different organisations, and arrived at their current roles via very different paths. 

Please note: this session will not be recorded.

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